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At Dynamic Dental Scarborough, we recognize the unique nature of each smile. Understanding that dental needs vary from one person to another shapes how we approach dental cleaning. While some may boast naturally healthy teeth with minimal plaque, others face more challenging conditions, including early signs of gum disease or more severe dental issues.

Recognizing this diversity, our skilled team tailors the dental cleaning experience, offering a range of treatments specifically designed to meet the varied stages of oral health concerns among our patients. This personalized approach ensures everyone receives the care that best suits their individual dental health needs.

Our Dental Cleaning Services: Tailored for Scarborough Families

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Our Standard Cleaning service is the cornerstone of oral hygiene and preventive dental care. It’s perfect for individuals of all ages seeking to maintain optimal oral health. This service includes the removal of plaque and tartar, polishing of teeth to remove surface stains, and a thorough dental examination. By catching potential issues early, we help prevent the development of cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems. Regular standard cleanings are essential for keeping your smile bright and healthy.

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For patients who require more intensive care, our Deep Cleaning services offer a more focused approach to combat gum disease, excessive plaque buildup, and other conditions that cannot be addressed by standard cleanings alone. This treatment involves scaling and root planing, procedures that clean below the gum line to remove harmful bacteria and smooth out the tooth roots. Deep Cleanings are crucial for restoring gum health and preventing the progression of periodontal disease, which if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss and other serious health issues.

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We believe that establishing positive dental habits early on is key to a lifetime of healthy smiles. That’s why our Pediatric Cleaning services are designed to make dental care fun, engaging, and fear-free for children. Our friendly dental professionals are trained to work with kids of all ages, employing gentle techniques and a compassionate approach to ensure a positive dental experience. From the playful decor of our clinic to the use of child-friendly language and education, we strive to make every visit enjoyable for our young patients, instilling in them the importance of oral hygiene in a way that resonates with them.

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Orthodontic cleaning is a specialized dental service tailored specifically for patients with braces. The unique structure of braces, including brackets and wires, can create nooks and crannies that are difficult for standard brushing and flossing to reach. This can lead to an accumulation of plaque and food particles, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Our orthodontic cleaning service is designed to address these challenges head-on.

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Geriatric cleaning addresses the unique dental care needs of older adults, taking into consideration the various challenges that can arise with age. As we grow older, our oral health needs evolve. Issues such as dry mouth (xerostomia), which can be exacerbated by medications or health conditions, and the wear-and-tear of enamel over the years, require a specialized approach to dental cleaning and care.

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Cosmetic cleaning goes beyond the basics of oral hygiene to focus on enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your smile. This service is perfect for anyone looking to brighten their smile and remove stains that cannot be eliminated through regular at-home care alone. Whether it’s coffee, tea, red wine, or tobacco, various factors can contribute to tooth discoloration over time. Our cosmetic cleaning service employs advanced techniques and materials for stain removal and polishing, revealing a brighter and more radiant smile.

Our Dental Cleaning Services: Tailored for Scarborough Families

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Our digital X-rays employ digital sensors rather than the conventional photographic X-ray film, producing highly detailed images of your teeth, gums, and other oral structures. This technology enables our dentists to inspect areas of your mouth that aren’t visible to the naked eye, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.

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Panoramic X-rays offer a comprehensive view of your entire mouth in a single image, including the teeth, upper and lower jaws, TMJ, and the nasal and sinus areas. These X-rays are invaluable for planning treatments involving dentures, braces, or implants, providing a complete picture of your oral health.

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At Dynamic Dental Scarborough, we utilize dental lasers for various procedures on both soft and hard tissues. These focused light beams allow for less invasive procedures, minimizing pain and recovery time. Whether it’s for gum therapy, reshaping gums, quickly hardening dental restorations, or whitening teeth, lasers ensure a more comfortable dental experience.

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Our intraoral scanners offer a modern, efficient alternative to traditional dental impressions. By using an optical scanning wand, your dentist can capture a digital image of your teeth in minutes, avoiding the mess and discomfort of conventional methods. This technology ensures precise data capture for accurate digital replicas of your mouth’s hard and soft tissues.

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The VELscope® oral cancer screening device is a pivotal tool in our oral health assessments, capable of identifying abnormalities such as cancerous and precancerous lesions quickly and efficiently. Utilizing fluorescence visualization technology, this screening can be completed in our office under standard lighting conditions in about two minutes.

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The iTero® intraoral scanner captures highly accurate, 3D impressions of your teeth and mouth. This device is instrumental in planning your dental treatments in real-time, storing digital data, and creating custom Invisalign clear aligners tailored to your needs.

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At Dynamic Dental, the cost of general dentistry treatment is transparent and affordable.

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Your Local Dental Cleaning Partner in Scarborough

At Dynamic Dental Scarborough, we pride ourselves on being your local dental cleaning partner, offering services that are deeply integrated into the community’s needs. Our commitment is to provide personalized and accessible dental care to all residents of Scarborough.

Why Dental Cleaning in Scarborough are the Clear Choice in Scarborough

Choosing us for your dental cleaning needs means opting for a service that’s recognized as the clear choice in Scarborough. Our approach combines the latest dental techniques with a warm, patient-focused experience, ensuring that each visit not only meets but exceeds your expectations for oral health care.

Dentist in Scarborough for All Your Dental Needs:

In search of a dentist in Scarborough who can cater to all of your dental needs? Dynamic Dental Scarborough is the quintessential hub for all things dental. From the magic of Invisalign in Scarborough to the meticulousness of routine check-ups, dental implants, dental bridges, and what not – we’re the seasoned maestros of molars and incisors. Our skilled and enthusiastic dentist Dr. Arpita Thakkar is here to ensure that whether you’re seeking a stunning smile makeover or just your bi-annual cleaning, your dental dreams are not just met, but exceeded. Join us at Dynamic Dental Scarborough, where every visit leaves you smiling wider and brighter.


We take pride in providing straightforward communication about costs and treatments. If you need treatment that isn’t covered by your insurance, our team will work with you to make your dental care affordable.

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We are in network with most insurance companies. Our front-office staff will answer all of your questions about coverage and handle any needed paperwork.

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